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Keynote: Optimizing Application Performance on Kubernetes

Now that you have your apps running on K8s, are you wondering how to get the response time that you need? Tuning applications to get the performance that you need can be challenging. When you have to tune a number of microservices in Kubernetes to fix a response time or a throughput issue, it can get really overwhelming.

This talk looks at some common performance issues and ways to solve them and, more importantly, the tools that can help you.

We will also be specifically looking at tools that help to not only rightsize your containers, but also optimize the runtimes and has a demo on the same.

This talk covers best practices that will help attendees:

  1. Understand and avoid common performance related problems.
  2. Understand options that will help to get the optimal performance.
  3. Take a dive deeper into common Java microservice and Kubernetes performance issues.
  4. Gain awareness of tools about observability, and how they can help identify performance issues.