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NearForm Presents

Backend Development with Node.js + Fastify Workshop

A technology event from NearForm
Partnered with Prisma, hosted by IBM

Replays are now available.

About this event

Sponsored by Prisma and hosted by IBM, the series of Node Core talks is available for free replay.

About the conference

This NearForm Presents event focuses on key ideas and practices in backend development with Node.js, including talks on monitoring your GraphQL API, Mercurius, Fastify and a lot more.

Conference agenda

Day 1: June 16, 2021

  • In this talk, James introduces Node.js' built-in perf_hooks module and shows how it can help applications remain cool, healthy, and responsive under load.

    James Snell

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  • This session explores some of the practices to ensure the reliable operation of a GraphQL server in addition to helping with production troubleshooting.

    Daniel Norman

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  • This session illustrates how to integrate the latest client build tools with Fastify to provide an ergonomic development experience, covering common topics such as SSR API development, SSR data fetching and client hydration.

    Jonas Galvez

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  • In recent years application requirements have changed dramatically. In the past large applications deployed to tens of servers used to handle gigabytes of data, seconds of response time, massive failures, and hours of downtime for maintenance purposes. Today we deploy applications to clusters with thousands of processors, handling petabytes of data and users demand response times close to milliseconds. Reactive systems are here to help us by providing flexibility, loose-coupling, scalability, and great handling of failure. Node.js due to its event-based, non-blocking I/O model poses an excellent choice for these kinds of systems, being event-driven at its core and able to handle thousands of concurrent requests. This talk will cover the principles of reactive systems along and take you through an example of a reactive system that integrates Node.js and JavaScript.

    Alex AlykiotisClement Escoffier

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  • Lynne Ward from Pepper Hustle speaks about the importance of finding true work life balance and how it's a necessity, not a nicety and explains how 15 minutes of mindful movement can change how you think, look and feel.

    Lynne Ward

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  • This workshop will be hosted on Zoom and requires separate registration. You will receive a calendar invite before the event with your link for your workshop.

    Matteo Collina

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Day 2: June 17, 2021

  • This workshop provides an introduction to cloud-native development with Node.js by walking you through how to extend an Express.js-based application to leverage cloud capabilities. The workshop will cover key concepts and technologies, including health checks, metrics, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana. In the end, you’ll have a fully functioning application running as a cluster in Kubernetes, with production monitoring.

    Joe Sepi

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  • In this session we'll do a quick overview of IBM's new cloud native hosting platform, IBM Cloud Code Engine, and take the cloud native Node.js app you built in the previous workshop and deploy it. (If you did not attend previous workshop, no problem!)

    Upkar Liddar

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  • There are many ways to take your Cloud Native Node.js app to the cloud. In the previous session, we learned about IBM Code Engine. In this session, we will do a quick overview of the other deployment options, including: Free k8s cluster on IBM Cloud, the odo CLI client for OpenShift, the NodeShift client for OpenShift and more.

    Joe Sepi

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  • Learn how to use Node-RED to create a photo booth web app infused with AI through the use of TensorFlow.js  The workshop will step through getting started with Node-RED, creating the web app and then containerizing it so it is ready to be deployed into the cloud or onto edge devices.

    John Walicki

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  • Join our experts for an open discussion

    Anton WhalleyBethany GriggsCarlos SantanaMichael Dawson

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  • This workshop explains LoopBack, which is a Node.js API framework that enables you to create APIs quickly that interact with backend resources like databases and services.

    Remko de Knikker

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Meet the speakers

We've assembled the best technical leaders across NearForm, Prisma and IBM to share their expertise and knowledge on Node.js

  • Alex Alykiotis

    Software Engineer, Red Hat

  • Anton Whalley

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  • Bethany Griggs

    Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

  • Carlos Santana

    Architecture & Solution Engineering

  • Clement Escoffier

    Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

  • Daniel Norman

    Developer Advocate, Prisma

  • James Snell

    Head of Research, NearForm

  • John Walicki

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  • Jonas Galvez

    Lead JavaScript developer, Helloprint

  • Lynne Ward

    Founder, Pepper Hustle

  • Matteo Collina

    Technical Director, NearForm

  • Michael Dawson

    Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM

  • Remko de Knikker

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  • Upkar Liddar

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