NearForm Presents

Node Core + Broken Promises Workshop

A technology event from NearForm
Sponsored by Red Hat, hosted by IBM

Replays are now available.

About this event

Sponsored by Red Hat and hosted by IBM, the series of Node Core talks is available for free replay.

About the conference

This inaugural NearForm Presents event focuses on Node Core, with talks on Events and Promises, observability in Kubernetes, and more.

Session replays

Day 1: March 31, 2021

  • Speakers: Matteo Collina

    Once upon a time, Node.js shipped with Promises. Then, Promises were no more. In this session, we will show you how to protect yourself from the resulting perils.

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  • Speakers: Alex AlykiotisLuke Holmquist

    Learn about the key metrics provided by the Node.js runtime, including some new additions and how you can consume these in a Kubernetes environment.

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  • Speakers: James Snell

    James Snell introduces some of the ongoing efforts to better align Node.js APIs with the client side and what additional efforts to expect in the near future.

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  • Speakers: Roisin Kavanagh

    A 20-minute yoga practice with shoulder- and hip-focused asanas, some relaxing pranayama, and a short mediation designed to realign your energy.

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  • Speakers: Susan Mazzara

    It is not always easy to fit a 20-30 minute sitting meditation into our busy days, especially in the middle of a workday. This session will give you three tools for practicing mindfulness in the midst of your busy workdays.

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  • Speakers: Bethany GriggsJoe SepiMichael Dawson

    Want to know what's next for Node.js? New features? Major changes? What’s controversial? Key initiatives at the technical and organizational level? Get the latest here.

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Day 2: April 1, 2021

  • Speakers: Joe SepiJoel Lord

    Learn to build and deploy cloud-native Node.js applications on Kubernetes through a series of hands-on lab examples. This workshop requires tools to be added to your workstation before the event. Installation may take some time, so plan ahead!

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Meet the speakers

We've assembled the best technical leaders across NearForm, Red Hat and IBM to share their expertise and knowledge on Node Core.

  • Alex Alykiotis

    Software Engineer, Red Hat

  • Bethany Griggs

    Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

  • James Snell

    Head of Research, NearForm

  • Joe Sepi

    Open Source Engineer & Advocate, IBM

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  • Joel Lord

    Developer Advocate, Red Hat OpenShift

  • Luke Holmquist

    Software Engineer, Red Hat

  • Matteo Collina

    Technical Director, NearForm

  • Michael Dawson

    Node.js lead for Red Hat and IBM

  • Roisin Kavanagh

    Mindfulness lead from NearForm

  • Susan Mazzara

    User Assistance Developer for z Systems, IBM

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