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Kubernetes Community and Contributor Resources

Whether you are a new contributor or an existing contributor working on moving up the Kubernetes contributor ladder, you will find this talk valuable for understanding how the community works and what resources are available to contributors to build up their eminence.

Get a deep dive into how the community works. We cover all the different special interest groups, workgroups, user groups, committees, and how to find the right place to plug into the community.

For resources, I show you the most important GitHub repositories to know about, how to find good first and help-wanted issues and how to engage the community in those issues. Learn how the community triages issues, what communication channels you need to know about, various Kubernetes events, and helpful learning resources.

Live session

View a live session of this talk where Sahdev Zala interacts with the viewers, answers questions, and the like.

Sahdev Zala is Senior Software Engineer at IBM. He is a Kubernetes contributor, co-lead of Kubernetes IBM Cloud Provider and serves as a maintainer of the etcd project.