The IBM Developer Drone Contest has come to an end.

Do not despair, there are still opportunities to leverage the IBM Developer Code Patterns and Node Red to program your drone. If you are interested, click the button below to go to the IBM Coder Challenges that will allow you to get started programming your drone.

IBM Coder

Free code patterns to program your drone.

Every winner will also receive free code patterns that help you program your drone to be even smarter. It may even help make a difference in your neighborhood.

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But wait… there’s more!

In addition to the DJI Tello drone, inside each highly-designed box being delivered to the doorstep of every winner is an IBM Developer T-shirt, sticker, and an access code to unlock our code pattern.

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Use your phone to fly your drone.

The DJI Tello Drone can be flown using your phone, and includes features like:

  • Tello App
  • DJI Flight Tech
  • Controller compatibility
  • Smartphone VR headset compatibility
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US/Canada only