Cloud application developer certification preparation

Part 1 objectives

Part 1 wrap up

Part 2 wrap up

Source code management (SCM) for Continuous Delivery toolchains

Course overview

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Please note: This course is currently out of date and still refers to the V2 version of the exam.

This course provides a review of key concepts to help you prepare to pass the IBM® Cloud Platform Application Development V2 exam. It is structured as a series of video lectures accompanied by demonstrations, hands-on labs, and quizzes. Completing this course will give you experience with IBM Bluemix® and show you how to build applications for the cloud that are scalable, reliable, and secure. After completing this course, visit the IBM Professional Certification Program website to learn how to obtain the “IBM Certified Application Developer – Cloud Platform” certification.

IBM® Cloud provides an innovative and advanced service platform for enterprises and organizations to save time, save money, and reduce risk. IBM® Cloud is a developer platform for cloud solutions that offers a seamless integration between public and private cloud environments. The IBM Cloud infrastructure is secure, scalable, and flexible and supports:

  • Open technologies
  • Hybrid integration
  • Data and analytics
  • Cognitive services
  • DevOps for continuous delivery and integration

How this course is organized

This course includes three parts.

Part 1: Create applications on IBM Cloud

Understand cloud service models and benefits, IBM Cloud architecture, and specific capabilities of IBM Cloud. In this part, you also learn about best practices in cloud application design through the Twelve-factor app methodology and IBM Cloud reference architectures.

Part 2: Enhance cloud applications with services and security

In this part, you learn about different services available from the IBM Cloud catalog including cognitive, messaging, and data. You learn about steps that you can take to secure your applications, credentials for services, and application data.

Part 3: Apply continuous delivery and use IBM Cloud to manage cloud apps

Learn how Bluemix supports DevOps for your applications by using Continuous Delivery toolchains. In this last part of the course, you also learn about techniques to monitor applications, manage the scaling of applications, and debug application issues.

Note that you will see references to IBM Bluemix, which has been changed to IBM Cloud.

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