Discover your inner chatbot: find valuable insights with IBM Watson

IBM Watson Discovery service

IBM Watson Conversation

Watson Tone Analyzer service

Personality Insights service

Course overview

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You’ve probably heard of chatbots and perhaps even tone and sentiment analysis. But did you know that you can use the IBM Watson Discovery service to reveal hidden value in different kinds of data to get answers, see trends, and surface patterns?

In this course, you’ll learn to build queries in the Discovery service to find those trends and patterns. You’ll also learn to use Discovery to extract insights from a set of hotel reviews. Then, to make that data come to life, you integrate the Discovery service with other Watson services to create a chatbot that can tell you about the best hotels in a particular major US city. Using other Watson services, you’ll add more layers of analysis to help you find the best hotel.

You’ll build your chatbot application with the following Watson services:

  • Discovery
  • Assistant (formerly, Conversation)
  • Tone Analyzer
  • Personality Insights

Note: You might see references in this course to Watson Conversation, which has been renamed to Watson Assistant.

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