IBM API Connect: Workflow and lifecycle management

Course overview

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IBM® API Connect can help your organization streamline and accelerate its journey into the API economy. API Connect is a comprehensive management solution that addresses all main aspects of the API lifecycle. With IBM API Connect, you can:

  • Create and run APIs
  • Secure and manage APIs
  • Socialize, analyze, and monetize APIs

API Connect helps you control the entire API lifecycle. For example, after you create and publish an API, other developers can subscribe to that API, which is called a product, and get notified when the API changes or when it’s being deprecated, retired, deleted, or archived.

You can also analyze how your APIs are being used and managed. For example, you can filter, sort, and aggregate your API event data, and then present the results in charts, tables, and maps to help you manage service levels, set quotas, establish controls, set up security policies, manage communities, and analyze trends.

In this course, you’ll learn how to manage the API lifecycle from creation to deletion.

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