IBM Blockchain for developers

10 hours

Blockchain is an emerging technology pattern that can radically improve banking, supply-chain, and other transaction networks, creating new opportunities for innovation. This learning path is designed for developers to quickly understand IBM’s direction with blockchain technology and to give hands-on experience with a sample use case. Learn how to create your own private blockchain network on IBM Bluemix and add code for Smart Contracts using the chaincode interface from the Hyperledger Project’s Fabric.

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In this course

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Apply blockchain to a business network

Audience: Developers who are interested in blockchain technology but have little to no experience with blockchain and chaincode. Includes a lab that demos how assets are transferred to several people/roles across a network.

Learning objectives

With an overview of blockchain basics, understand:

  • Blockchain and distributed ledger systems
  • Important concepts and key use cases of blockchain for business
  • How assets can be transferred in a blockchain network
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Explore blockchain and the Hyperledger Fabric project

Understand how blockchain technology can solve business problems. Get an introduction to blockchain fabrics, the different types of fabrics, and IBM’s work with the Hyperledger Project.

Learning objectives

Dive deeper into:

  • Blockchain fabrics
  • The Hyperledger Project, an initiative to build an open cross-industry distributed ledger
  • Blockchain networks, ledgers, and participants
  • The IBM Blockchain service on Bluemix
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Build your first chaincode

Learn the basics of developing applications with chaincode. Chaincode is code that is deployed into a network of Hyperledger fabric peer nodes that enables interaction with that network’s shared ledger.

Learning objectives

Dive deeper dive into:

  • Hyperledger Fabric architecture
  • The APIs that can be used to deploy and invoke chaincode to perform actions on a blockchain
  • How to develop and deploy chaincode to a test blockchain network