Bluemix essentials

4 hours

Update: We’re excited to announce that this course has been updated to feature the new Bluemix unified user experience. Keep up to date with the latest Bluemix changes on the What’s new in Bluemix blog.

IBM® Bluemix® is an open-standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing applications. With Bluemix, developers can focus on building excellent user experiences with flexible compute options, choice of DevOps tooling, and a powerful set of IBM and third-party APIs and services. This course helps you understand the fundamentals of cloud computing, IBM Bluemix, services, and Cloud Foundry.

When you’re done, you can earn an IBM Explorer Badge. If you would like to participate, you can opt-in via the “My Account” link on the course start page.

Learning objectives

When you finish this course, you should understand:

  • Cloud computing, cloud architecture, and how to maximize the value of cloud development
  • The components and features of IBM Bluemix, such as organizations, spaces, boilerplates, and services
  • How to quickly deploy and modify a boilerplate application in Node.js by using the Bluemix web interface
  • How to use the cf command line interface (Cloud Foundry CLI) to deploy applications, understand the foundations of the Cloud Foundry architecture, and use buildpacks


This course is for software developers who understand the basics of object-oriented programming. You should understand the basics of:

  • At least one or more programming languages, such as Java, Node.js, C#, Python, Ruby, or GO, although no specific language is required to complete this course
  • Common data types, such as string, integer, and array
  • JSON and REST APIs
  • Source code control principles in Git-compatible services

You need an IBM Bluemix account.

You also need the following software, which we show you how to install: