Create Swift mobile apps with IBM Watson services

3 hours

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IBM Watson cognitive services, which are hosted on IBM Bluemix (IBM Cloud), can be accessed through RESTful API calls. You’ll learn how to call these services from your Swift application. This course shows you how to write three mobile apps in the Swift language on iOS that use the IBM® Watson™ Cloud Developer SDK to access the Watson service. You learn how to write simple but cool cognitive applications that use the AlchemyLanguage, Visual Recognition, and Text to Speech Watson services.

You can then use your new skills to build similar applications to use other Watson services, such as Watson Conversation, Natural Language Classifier, Tone Analyzer, and Personality Insights.

Learning objectives

After you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Use the IBM Watson Developer Cloud SDK for iOS and Swift
  • Build simple cognitive mobile applications that can:
    • Analyze sentiment
    • Recognize photos
    • Convert text to speech