Get started with IBM Streams

4 hours

IBM® Streams enables the continuous processing and fast analysis of possibly massive volumes of moving data to speed up business insight and decision making. Streams provides an execution platform for user-developed applications that ingest, filter, analyze, and correlate the information in streaming data.

Learn to use the components and features of IBM Streams and more specifically, Streams Studio. You’ll build and enhance a simple application based on a connected-car automotive scenario in which you track vehicle locations and speeds (and other variables).

Learning objectives

This course shows you:

  • The basics of stream computing, the fundamental concepts of IBM Streams, and the IBM Streams runtime environment
  • How to use Streams Studio for creating and importing projects, submitting and canceling jobs, and viewing jobs, health, metrics, and data
  • How to use the graphical editor to design and enhance a Streams application
  • How to use the data visualization capabilities in the Streams Console

This course includes four labs that help you learn the capabilities of IBM Streams.


This course is for software developers who have a working knowledge of:

  • At least one or more programming languages, such as Java, Go, JavaScript, C#, Python, or Ruby
  • Common data structures such as string and integer
  • Database records and some SQL

You need to install the following software and files. You need an IBM id to download the Quick Start Editions.

You aren’t required to use the Quick Start Edition virtual machine. You can install and run the lab in any other environment with an IBM Streams, Version 4.2 installation. The instructions for the labs are based on IBM Streams Quick Start Edition VM.

To encourage experimentation and exploration, the lab package includes prebuilt projects that include the final working version of each lab. Therefore, you can experiment and get yourself in trouble any way that you like in any lab or section and still go on to the next lab simply by importing one of the provided projects.

Course authors

samanthachan Samantha Chan – IBM Streams Community Architect

robertuleman Robert Uleman – Worldwide Technical Sales: Stream Computing

nelsonong Nelson Ong – IBM Streams