Get started with the Simple Search service

2 hours

Important:This course is currently being migrated and will be available soon.

Learn how to use the Simple Search service, a Node.js app in IBM® Bluemix®, to convert spreadsheet data or mysql.dump into a faceted search engine. With the Simple Search service, you can create and manage a useful, polished search engine for your own site or app.

The app you build in this course greatly simplifies the steps of turning your tabular data into a faceted search engine by using IBM Cloudant.

Learning objectives

In this course, learn about:

  • Faceted search
  • The Simple Search service

Learn, also, how to:

  • Deploy your app to Bluemix
  • Get and upload data to the Simple Search service
  • Create a search index
  • Preview the search function
  • Prepare your app for scaling


You need the following accounts to build the Simple Search app:

  • Bluemix
  • Compose for Redis