Blinky lights and motion detectors: Create fun Watson IoT apps

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Remember the old telegraph system? To send a message from Kansas City to San Francisco, the telegraph operator would tap the telegraph machine, which sent electrical signals to a receiver. Those taps were basically Morse code, which was then translated to English or another human language.

Imagine doing something similar by rotating a motion sensor and getting those motions translated into English text and that text appearing on your smart phone or tablet. Those motions become commands that are sent to a PLAYBULB Candle, which is a battery powered lamp that can change colors. For example, you might say “Turn on the lamp and make the color blue.”

You can do all of that with a little help from IBM Watson cognitive services, IBM Bluemix, Node-RED, and some inexpensive IoT hardware.

Course instructors

Soheel Chughtai

Soheel Chughtai: Early Programmme Manager, Watson Developer Cloud, IBM Systems

Emma Dawson

Emma Dawson: Early Program Manager IBM Systems

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