Courses: Cloud computing

Node-RED: basics to bots

Create cognitive web apps with Node-RED to translate text, analyze tone, and send tweets. Build a chat bot with Watson Conversation and Facebook Messenger.

4 hours


Get started with Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Get hands-on experience with Kubernetes container orchestration. Learn how Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service help you more easily deploy containers and applications.

2 hours 30 minutes


IBM Blockchain foundation developer

This course expands on Blockchain essentials concepts. You'll get a more detailed picture of the components and structures of blockchain business networks.

6 hours


Chatbots for Good: Introduction to empathetic chatbots

Build a simple conversational chatbot. Design a dialog. Learn about intents, entities, and dialog. Analyze tone and emotions in text.

3 hours


Docker essentials: Extend your apps with containers

Understand containers — from creating and running your first Docker containers, to solving problems of advanced orchestration.

3 hours

Code lines with chain of blocks

Blockchain essentials

Understand blockchain technology and how it can solve business problems. Learn the basics of developing applications with chaincode.

2 hours

Bluemix and cloud icon

IBM Cloud essentials

The IBM Bluemix name has been changed to IBM Cloud. Get hands-on experience with IBM Cloud, Cloud Foundry, and best practices for agile and test-driven...

4 hours


Chatbots and Watson: Let’s talk about national parks

Create your own chatbot using the IBM Watson Conversation service. Simulate a conversation around some of the coolest US national parks.

5 hours


Robots are coming! Build IoT apps with IBM Watson, Swift, and Node-RED

Build cognitive applications with IBM Watson services, Raspberry Pi, IBM Bluemix, and Node-RED to read temperature data and to talk to a programmable robot.

3 hours


Get started with API Connect

Build, manage, and secure your APIs and microservices with IBM API Connect, and make your business services and data APIs available to other developers.

4 hours


IBM API Connect: Workflow and lifecycle management

Jump into the API economy with API Connect. Make APIs accessible and manage the API lifecycle. Deliver APIs, manage versions, control access, analyze usage.

6 hours