Courses: Cognitive computing

Chatbots for Good: Introduction to empathetic chatbots

Imagine if you could build a chatbot that understands how someone is feeling. Your chatbot could play music or make suggestions to help them feel...

3 hours


Cloud application developer certification preparation

Review key concepts to help you prepare to pass the IBM Cloud Platform Application Development V2 exam.

21 hours


Chatbots and Watson: Let’s talk about national parks

Create your own chatbot using the IBM Watson Conversation service. Simulate a conversation around some of the coolest US national parks.

5 hours


Robots are coming! Build IoT apps with IBM Watson, Swift, and Node-RED

Build cognitive applications with IBM Watson services, Raspberry Pi, IBM Bluemix, and Node-RED to read temperature data and to talk to a programmable robot.

3 hours


Create Swift mobile apps with IBM Watson services

Build three simple cognitive apps in IBM Bluemix to recognize what's in a photo, analyze the intent of a statement, and convert text to speech.

5 hours


Node-RED: basics to bots

Create cognitive web apps with Node-RED to translate text, analyze tone, and send tweets. Build a chat bot with Watson Conversation and Facebook Messenger.

4 hours


Create Python apps with IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix

If you’re a Python developer who wants to learn how to add IBM® Watson™ cognitive services to your applications, you’ve come to the right place....

6 hours