Create Swift mobile apps with IBM Watson services

Course overview

Self-paced5 hours NoneFree

Learn how to write three mobile apps in the Swift language on iOS that use the IBM® Watson™ Cloud Developer SDK to access the Watson service.

Learn, also, how to write simple but cool cognitive applications that use the following Watson services:

  • Watson Natural Language Understanding
    A collection of APIs that provide text analysis by processing natural language. For this course, you’ll use the Sentiment Analysis service to identify the sentiment in text.
  • Visual Recognition
    Analyzes images for scenes, objects, people, signs, and other content. With this service, you’ll provide a URL to an image that your application will identify.
  • Text to Speech
    Synthesizes natural-sounding speech from input text in a variety of languages and voices that speak with appropriate cadence and intonation.

IBM Watson Cognitive services, which are hosted on IBM Cloud (IBM Bluemix), can be accessed through RESTful API calls. You’ll learn how to call these services from your Swift application.

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