Docker essentials: Extend your apps with containers

Course overview

Self-paced3 hours BadgeFree

Containers are a standard way to package an application and all its dependencies so that the application can be moved between environments and run without changes. Containers work by isolating the application inside the container so that everything outside the container can be standardized. 

Docker has provided a set of tools to simplify the use of containers. This has led to massive adoption of containers by developers and operators. In this course, you will focus mostly on Docker container technologies.

In this course, you’ll follow a series of hands-on labs that demonstrate how to use containers for your applications. You’ll start with the basics: creating and running your first Docker containers. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to run containers in production with the IBM Container service on IBM Cloud and solve problems of advanced orchestration such as high availability, service discovery, and reconciliation.

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