Get started with Kubernetes and IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Course overview

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If you’ve already worked with Docker containers and want to get hands-on experience with container orchestration, deployment, and security by using Kubernetes and the IBM® Cloud Kubernetes Service, you’ve come to the right place.

Containers allow you to run securely isolated applications, where Kubernetes manages the containers. Together, containers and Kubernetes minimize outages and disruptions through self-healing, intelligent scheduling, horizontal scaling, and load balancing.

Developers can easily roll out and roll back application versions, whether they’re collaborating in dev and test environments or deploying to production. Even new application functionality is streamlined, when developers extend apps with cloud services. And so, developers spend more time coding and less time with the infrastructure.

In the short video below, Jason McGee, IBM Fellow, VP and CTO of the IBM Cloud Platform, explains how IBM is using container technology like Docker in production of its own applications and services.

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