We are always working to make our mobile application push notification technology available through other IBM products. To that end, we have just released the support for push notifications as part of Worklight 6.2.

With this release, Worklight developers can now easily swap out Worklight’s basic push notification capability, and start leveraging IBM Mobile Customer Engagement’s much more feature rich push notification technology. The release is available in form of a Worklight plugin, that can be integrated in any iOS or Android Worklight hybrid app with just a click of a few buttons.

You can download this package at – IBM Mobile Customer Engagement for Worklight 6.2

Note that this release also supports iOS 8. So, if you are a Worklight customer, looking to release your application on iOS 8, please move to Worklight 6.2, and leverage this plugin.

Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions.

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