You may have noticed a new metrics tab, “Application Metrics”.

As part of our continued efforts to improve Xtify, we have been been investigating the way we collect user metrics. We have identified an issue in which a small but systematic error in the aggregation of metrics can increase over time. As a result, the longer we track user metrics for an appKey, the less accurate those metrics can become.

We have implemented a solution for this, which is to base metrics on daily snapshots of the active system, rather than by adding to the previous day’s totals. The new metrics tab labeled “Application Metrics” will exist alongside the existing “Application/User Report” tab through June 2016. This will let you compare your existing metrics (which may be inaccurate) with the new, more accurate metrics. At the end of June the “Application/User Report” tab will be removed and only the new metrics will be shown.

With the new metrics, you can expect the following changes (as compared to the existing metrics):

  • Net Installs will generally be lower as the cumulative errors are eliminated. Those appKeys with fewer registered devices will manifest less change, while appKeys with a larger number of registered devices will manifest more change.
  • Addressable Devices will be corrected. On iOS, devices with valid push tokens will be shown as addressable. Because Android doesn’t let us determine if push is enabled, all Android devices will be shown as addressable.
  • Other application/user metrics may increase or decrease to reflect the accurate count.
  • The Install Unknown category will disappear.
  • User Uninstalls will not change significantly.

This systematic error does not affect campaign metrics (Performance Report), only user metrics (Application / User Report).

The new system will adjust historical metrics so they can be used for meaningful comparison. Daily snapshots for all metrics started on March 22.

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