To help make it easy to integrate with your Watson Content Hub content and assets, we are publishing code samples that you can download from GitHub. We’ll be continually adding and updating samples to illustrate various ways to use Watson Content Hub capabilities and APIs.

The first sample was posted when Watson Content Hub went live two weeks ago, and it’s a simple example of using the search API to retrieve a list of articles that are displayed in a Bootstrap carousel UI. It also shows how to do authentication, since the authoring search API requires authentication. The sample is available here: sample-article-carousel

Screenshot of the running application:


Some of the kinds of samples we expect to post going forward:

  • Retrieving and displaying content and assets within Angular and Node.js applications
  • Creating new content with a custom user interface
  • Using the powerful search parameter options that are available
  • Displaying a “picker” for searching and selecting content or assets
  • As new features are added in Watson Content Hub we will add samples that show how to use the latest features

Look for new blog posts here announcing new samples.

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