Developer tooling to enable developers and administrators to get started quickly with IBM Watson Content Hub is now published on GitHub. A downloadable and installable archive, along with the source to the tooling, to help developers come up to speed on the public Watson Content Hub APIs is also included.

The IBM Watson Content Hub Developer Tools provide a NodeJS based command line interface (CLI) utility called wchtools for working with Watson Content Hub. This utility allows developers and administrators to upload (push) and download (pull) content, assets, and content model artifacts from Watson Content Hub. With the tool you can easily install sample packages or pull authoring artifacts for archiving locally. You can also use it for bulk upload of assets such as images, and to trigger a publishing job to publish your “ready” assets.

The Watson Content Hub Developer Tools are available here wchtools-cli as a GitHub repository, alongside other samples to help enable users to get started quickly and successfully.  The Readme provides installation, getting started, and sample task documentation.

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