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Watson Content Hub has had a pretty busy month! This post announces some really cool new features we’ve shipped in March 2017. Of course, all of this builds on what we shipped in January and February.

This month’s enhancements make Watson Content Hub more complete and add some nice usability features. We are excited by these features and hope you are too! Click on the banner or this link to take the free 30 day trial

Going forward, we certainly planning to keep the pace up and have an exciting quarter ahead of us. Please get in touch with me by email, Twitter @circularlizard, or on LinkedIn if you have any comments or feedback.

Card view

The most visible enhancement is the new card view for content and assets. This new feature makes it easy to see at a glance what content and assets you have. The cards provide detailed information to allow you to filter the view and quickly zoom in and find what you need, so now it’s much easier to manage content with Watson Content Hub.

WCH Card View
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Expanded asset meta-data

We’ve enhanced the meta-data that’s available for assets in Watson Content Hub. When you buy an image from an image library, there is frequently embedded information, and these tags, alt text, description, camera data and rights data are all useful. Now, in Watson Content Hub, you can see this information. When you upload images with embedded meta-data, Watson Content Hub will both display and index it. In the screenshot below, you can see Watson Content Hub shows the imported tags are in a distinct section and colour.

WCH Asset Meta-data
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Locale on content items

Watson Content Hub now has locale meta-data on content items. This means you can specify which locale a content item is related to, and access that in your app via the search APIs. In the hub set-up, you can set the list of allowed locales so that your content authors only see those locales that are relevant to your application.
The content author can then select from these when creating a content item.

WCH Locale Data
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Developer information in the UI

For Developers, we needed to make it much easier to see the JSON representation of a piece of content. For content items and assets, we’ve added an “API Information” button at the bottom of the page to make this much easier. This provides direct access to both the authoring and delivery APIs to view the content JSON. We’d recommend getting a JSON viewer plugin for your browser so that the JSON is formatted in a readable way.

WCH Developer Information
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Other enhancements

If that was all we had done it would already be a pretty busy month, but there’s more. There are several other features worth highlighting.

  • Federated authentication.
    We now support using a federated repository to sign in to Watson Content Hub. This means you can use your enterprise credentials to sign in to the UI, once federation is enabled. Support for federated identity on API authentication is expected later.
  • Login welcome page.
    Prior to login, there is now a welcome page to greet you.
  • Profile management and logout.
    Under your name in the product’s top navigation bar, you can now access your IBM account profile. We’ve also put logout next to that.
  • Watson tagging improvements.
    Cognitive tagging now supports larger image sizes, and returns information about age and gender of the image subject (where available).
  • WCHtools enhancements.
    Our command line utility, wchtools, is now installable from the public NPM repository. Also, the tool provides the ability to update assets with a new binary, and has been enhanced with better config management and the ability to connect to more than one WCH instance.
  • General fixes and enhancements.
    In addition to everything else, we have the usual fixes and enhancements.

You can sign up for a free trial too, by going to our page on IBM Marketplace. Other technical information is available on this Developer Center site, which is organized into sections about managing and publishing content.

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