Jumpstart your move to IBM Watson Content Hub (WCH).

If you have an IBM WebSphere Portal and Web Content Management (WCM) v8.5 or greater environment, you can use the IBM Watson Content Hub Conversion Tools to quickly move to WCH and leverage all of the advantages provided by hosting content in WCH.

The IBM Watson Content Hub Conversion Tools (wchconvert) is a command-line utility written using Node. It is open source and free to download on GitHub. The wchconvert tool uses the WCM REST API to pull content, authoring templates, file components, and image components from WCM to your local file system. The wchconvert tool can then be used to convert the artifacts so they can be pushed to WCH with IBM Watson Content Hub Developer Tools (wchtools).

This open source tool is a great starting point to write code that will convert other CMS to WCH. The code that is used to construct the WCH types and content can be re-used by calling the type and content generators in wchContent.js and wchTypes.js. In order to convert another CMS, you will just need to find an existing tool or write code to pull the content, types, and assets locally and then extract the information from the artifacts to pass into the generators. There will also need to be some work done to make sure the artifact labels and keys fit the requirements for WCH that are described in the wchconvert readme.

The prerequisites for the tool are Node 4.3 (or later) and the latest version of wchtools.

Check out wchconvert in GitHub for installation and usage instructions.

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