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What’s new in April 2017

Another busy month in Watson Content Hub! This post is a little later than normal because we’ve had the team all together this week in Dublin to look at our next round of planning. Very productive, lots of fun and maybe a little Guinness here and there too, but it delayed this write-up. So, belatedly, here is the post about new features we shipped in April 2017. Of course, all of this builds on what we shipped in January, February and March.

A lot of our work this month has been behind the scenes, getting ready for some upcoming features in a few month’s time. That means that not everything we have worked on will be immediately visible. However features you can see continue to improve Watson Content Hub – we hope you like them! Click on the banner or this link to take the free 30 day trial to see for yourself.

I value your comments and feedback – you can reach me by email, Twitter @circularlizard, or on LinkedIn.

Content Hub switcher

It’s now possible for a single user to be in multiple instances of Content Hub and to switch between them. Each hub can be given a name, and the switcher at the top left allows you to flip between them without logging out and in again. We think this will be especially useful for consultants, agency developers and IBM business partners, but it also facilitates using a separate Content Hub instance to store non-production content.

Location element

We’ve enhanced the content model to include a new location element. This is a element type that allows you to store a latitude and longitude, and is coupled with the contextual search service that allows you to search based on location. This makes it really easy to build a things like store locators, or to tie content to specific locations and retrieve based on distance from the user’s location. Watch for samples in the samples gallery!

API information for Search results

Last month we added API information in content and asset views. We’ve extended this so that search results views also include API information. That means you can now get the search query against the search APIs for any set of search results you’re viewing.

Access published content via the palette

The content palette now allows you to search for published content and not just assets.

Conversion tool for WCM content

We’ve created a conversion tool for migrating content from our on-premises Web Content Management product (WCM) to Content Hub. This is documented more extensively in this recent blog post by Joseph John. In essence, this is a tool that extracts content from WCM, transforms it and loads it to Content Hub. The same model could be applied to content from other sources, too, of course.

Other enhancements

A couple of other less visible enhancements.

  • Feature Toggle.
    We now have a more extensive feature toggle service under the covers. In the future, this will enable us to provide early access to pre-release features, which we think is an important thing to do.
  • General fixes and enhancements.
    In addition to everything else, we have the usual ongoing fixes and enhancements.

You can sign up for a free trial too, by going to our page on IBM Marketplace. Other technical information is available on this Developer Center site, which is organized into sections about managing and publishing content.

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