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What’s new in May and June 2017

Lots of new things for Watson Content Hub in May and June! We’ve had a really busy couple of months here in Watson Content Hub so this post is pretty busy with things we shipped in May and June this year. Since my last post was mid-May, I ran the two posts together here. It’s a big list this time! Of course, all of this builds on what we shipped in January, February, March and April.

A lot of what we have shipped rounds out content model enhancements in WCH that enable you to model any kind of content, and there are some other useful asset management changes too. We’ve also being doing a lot of work behind the scenes getting ready for some upcoming features in a few months time. However, the features that you can see continue to improve Watson Content Hub – we hope you like them! Click on the banner or this link to take the free 30 day trial to see for yourself.

I value your comments and feedback – you can reach me by email, Twitter @circularlizard, or on LinkedIn.

Content Model Enhancements

Reference element

We’ve added a new element type that enables you to create items that include links to other content items. Now you can easily reference associated content items using this element.

WCH Reference Element
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Multi-valued Elements – Content lists

We’ve enhanced several element types (e.g. images, video, text, references) so that you can now add a list of assets or content items of that element type. For references you can specify what content types can be referenced, and you can also define the minimum and maximum number of items allowed.

WCH Element Lists
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Watson now tags content items

We’ve extended the Watson service to generate keywords on content items, based the text you enter. This means that, just as for assets, Watson enhances your content meta-data and makes it easy for you to search and locate just the content items you need.

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Asset Management Enhancements

Similar images recommendations

We have enhanced the WCH palette to enable you to find images similar to the one you select. This is a practical usage of the enhanced meta-data that Watson provided and uses the tags to locate other similar images. You can use this feature by clicking the “similar images” icon at the bottom bar of each image.

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UI enhancements

API information for search queries

In May, we added an API information lightbox on list and card views. Now you can access the search query based on the filter options you select in the WCH UI. You can access this information by simply clicking the API icon at the bottom of your search page.

WCH Search API Information
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New guided tours

We’ve updated our guided tours, for a more interactive experience. You’ll get this on first login and if you want to see the tour again, all you have to do is go to the help tab and click the compass icon in order to play the tour again.

WCH Guided Tour
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Korean and Swedish language support

In June we added Swedish and Korean translations of our user interface. If your browser language is set to either of these languages you will see the product user interface localised.

WCH Korean UI
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Forms Experience Builder integration

For Forms Experience Builder (FEB) subscribers, we’ve added single sign-on capabilities so that you can access WCH from within FEB. You can now use the WCH palette directly from the FEB UI to select content for usage inside your form. All you have to do is enter your WCH API URL (which you can find in the hub information modal under your account tab) when prompted by FEB and you’ll be able to access all your assets directly from WCH.

WCH - FEB integration
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Other enhancements

A few other less visible but nevertheless important enhancements.

  • European Deployment.
    Watson Content Hub now has a European location to complement our United States data centre. To start with, some trials will be deployed to this centre. Soon we intend to replicate some production customers’ data between locations to offer improved reliability and performance. More on that in a subsequent post.
  • Updated samples.
    We have provided several new samples recently – check out the other posts in this blog for news. We also added the capability to update a sample you already imported, without having to process the differences manually.
  • Publish multiple items.
    We have added API support for making multiple items ready for publication at the same time. We intend to add a user interface for this shortly.
  • General fixes and enhancements.
    In addition to everything else, we have the usual ongoing fixes and enhancements.

You can sign up for a free trial too, by going to our page on IBM Marketplace. Other technical information is available on this Developer Center site, which is organized into sections about managing and publishing content.

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  1. Rodrigo Oliveira July 08, 2017

    outstanding to see WCH growing fast and focused

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