Site management with Watson Content Hub.

Why choose between a headless CMS and a traditional site management approach? Marketers expect tools to manage the user experience, but developers often favour a headless approach for full flexibility and control. We don’t believe you should have to choose. Now with Watson Content Hub, you don’t have to.

On 11th July, IBM announced new site management capabilities that build on top of Watson Content Hub’s headless CMS.

Now Watson Content Hub is API-first but not API-only.

I am really excited by this announcement. It’s a natural extension of our headless CMS. We will provide optional tools for marketers to directly manage the web experience. This doesn’t take away from our headless capabilities and content can be used both in sites and via headless APIs. One way to think about this is as a “decoupled CMS”, in which content is decoupled from presentation and you can choose how to present it. We now have two editions of Watson Content Hub:

  • Essentials Edition. This is our Headless CMS product, with a great contribution user interface, APIs, CDN and Watson services built-in.
  • Standard Edition. We build on Essentials Edition with tools for marketers to manage customer experiences, working together with their front end development team.

We will make WCH Standard Edition available in September 2017, and provide a free trial via IBM Marketplace.

Tell me more!

When a headless approach isn’t enough, marketers can need native website management features. Watson Content Hub Standard Edition provides this. Now, business users and developers will be able create and manage web experiences natively in Watson Content Hub. This is a decoupled approach – content and presentation are interlinked but can be managed separately.

For business users, we will provide site management capabilities, which will allow them to create and manage sites directly in WCH-SE. Marketers will also be able to manage review and publication and to choose from the layouts that their development team provides.

For developers, we have an innovative site framework built using the latest Angular 4 technology. Developers will be able to create custom templates and add their own features to the site using readily available web development skills.

The offering will include the following key features:

  • Site management
  • Simple approvals and review
  • Publication management and scheduling*
  • Custom host name
  • Templated content lets you generate static markup from content
  • An innovative, Angular 4 site delivery framework for dynamic, client-side delivery
  • An active/active data centre config for resilience and availability*
  • A rich sample site to get you started quickly
  • Generous 100GB storage and 1000GB included monthly data transfer (upgrades available)
  • PLUS All the headless CMS capabilities from Essentials Edition such as included Akamai CDN and Watson cognitive services.

Note that items marked with a * will be delivered shortly after launch.

To give you a flavour of how this new product is going to look, take a look at the illustration below. It shows site management, page creation and page management in the new offering. (Note that the final UI may change from the pre-release screenshots below.)

In the coming weeks I’ll follow this up with more in-depth looks at WCH Standard Edition features.

WCH SE Site Management Overview
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All comments are welcome of course  – you can reach me by email, Twitter @circularlizard, or on LinkedIn.



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