Note: Apple has released a fix for the underlying issue with content-available. This document is being kept for historical reference. The content-available flag will work properly for iOS 9 and all versions of iOS after 11.2. iOS 10 still has the problem that content-available messages will not be delivered after a device reboot. (2018-08-02)

Original document below:

With the advent of iOS 11, Apple has introduced changes in the way they handle certain kinds of push messages. This was done to improve battery life, but comes at a cost of user experience that is likely to affect your app.

What Apple has done is to implement a service called the “DuetActivitySchedulerDaemon” (DASD). Part of the job of this service is to measure how frequently your app is used. If your app is not used frequently, DASD may delay or discard push messages sent to your app which have the content-available flag set.

On iOS 10, Apple acknowledged a defect where push notifications containing content-available would not be delivered after an app was force-closed and rebooted. Based on what Apple has delivered in iOS 11, we assume this defect will not be fixed.

Until we have engineered solutions to work around this issue, be aware when deploying:

  • silent (data) pushes
  • in-app messages
  • pushes with dynamic categories
  • simple pushes which have more than one associated action (these are implemented with dynamic categories)
  • API pushes you send which include content-available

These messages all make use of the content-available flag and may not be delivered except to those users who use your app frequently (multiple times a day). Simple messages with only one associated action are unaffected by this issue.

We will provide a new WCA SDK for iOS that works around these Apple issues. An ETA for that SDK should be available soon.

For further technical details, see the discussion here:

This issue won’t be seen when your app is connected to the debugger, but will appear in production apps.

Users of Xtify 2.x product who include the “Content Available” flag in their campaigns will also be affected by this Apple decision.

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