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What’s new in October 2017

Another busy month since we launched the Watson Content Hub Standard Edition product on September 14th. It’s been a bit of playing of catch up since the big release, and a lot of our work this month has been behind the scenes and getting ready for upcoming features in the next few months. Although you may not see everything we have worked on right now, the features you can see continue to improve Watson Content Hub–and we hope you like them! And as always, we’ve also deployed a selection of new fixes and smaller updates, building on what we shipped in January, February, March, April, May/June July, and August and September.

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Review and Approvals for Assets

We’ve added review and approval features for assets which means that from any asset item you can start a review and share the review link with your teammates who can then approve your work. Once they’ve approved your work, their approval will be logged with timestamp in the comments and review sections of the asset item. In the comments section a checkbox for “done” will appear next to their approval so you can easily keep track of your review’s progress.

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Multi-Select for Lists

You can now select multiple items at once in the palette when adding assets to a multi-value element such as lists. So rather than having to manually select the items one at a time, you can now easily add all the content you need by simply selecting the associated checkboxes of the assets.

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Similarity Search from Card View

The similarity search feature that you’re familiar with, currently accessible from the palette, is now available from card view! Just as you were able to find similar images by clicking the similar images icon on a image from the palette, you can now do the same directly from the cards view. Any image that shares tags with other images will display a similar images icon in the card view; by clicking on the icon, you will be taken to a results page of images that shares its tags.

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Other enhancements

A couple of other less visible enhancements.

  • Crawlable URLs.
    WCH URLs can now be crawled by public search engines meaning your site can be found publically.
  • Site Search APIs.
    You can now use delivery search APIs to search for pages by “name”, “creator”, or “last modified” fields.
  • General fixes and enhancements.
    In addition to everything else, we have the usual ongoing fixes and enhancements.

You can sign up for a free trial too, by going to our page on IBM Marketplace. Other technical information is available on this Developer Center site, which is organized into sections about managing and publishing content.

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  1. […] With all the year-end activities, I didn’t quite manage to make a post about what we have shipped in November 2017. Hence I have combined it with December’s updates to cover what we shipped in November and December 2017. There have been a lot of useful enhancements, many of them for Watson Content Hub Standard Edition users. There are also a number of foundational enhancements for features that we’ll enable in 2018, so there’s a lot going on. And as always, we’ve also deployed a selection of new fixes and smaller updates, building on what we shipped in January, February, March, April, May/June July, August and September and October. […]

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