The iOS SDK and UI Capture SDK have released for December for Acoustic Analytics and Tealeaf!

iOS SDK Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue on hybrid applications that have no internet connection and get the exception “Uncaught Exception: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: iOSJsonPayloadArray”, which was a javascript error in the Tealeaf hybrid bridge.
  • Removed JavaScriptToObjectiveCProtocol and JavaScriptToObjectiveCProtocolCode keys and values from TealeafBasicConfig, because it is no longer used externally.
  • Made an adjustment EOCore tracking of the battery level. There seems to be a thread issue with the use of setBatteryMonitoringEnabled. If an issue occurs, the battery level will be -1.
  • Fixed an issue with capturing root view controller as UIAlertController’s background when UIAlertController’s parent was presented modally.
  • Fixed an issue with getting gestures on webview even when CaptureNativeGesturesOnWebview has been set to NO.
  • Made changes to support opacity property of background color for controls like UITableView, UILabel, UITextField, etc…

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UI Capture 5.4.0 Release Notes – Features highlights

  • A new feature to allow specifying a list of elements to be excluded from privacy masking has been added. When this feature is enabled, any “input,” “select,” or “textarea” element that does not match the list of privacy targets will have the specified privacy mask applied. The “exclude” property should be set to true in the privacy masking rule to enable this feature.
  • A new feature to allow pattern matching and replacement in captured DOM snapshots has been added. Pattern matching is applicable to full DOM snapshots as well as DOM diffs. Pattern matching is applicable to user input in “input,” “select,” or “textarea” elements only if no privacy rule was applicable.

    Note: Depending on the application and the specified RegEx patterns, using this feature could result in a performance impact to the application. Adequate performance testing must be performed when using this feature.

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