The Watson Content Hub sample Oslo site now supports the use of script applications.

Note: in order to use this feature, you will need a version of the Oslo site that was built on or after March 15th, 2018. For information on how to update your Oslo site to the latest version, follow the steps here:

sample script application

This feature allows developers to build their own applications in whatever framework they choose and easily push them to the Watson Content Hub tenant, so that they can be used inside of the out-of-the-box Oslo site–just like any other content item.

Go to to find an example script application and the steps for configuring your own script application!

Key features

  1. Build your own application in any framework and have it rendered in Oslo.
  2. No need to rebuild the source code. Simply push your new script application to your Watson Content Hub tenant.
  3. Integrate the rendering context into your script application, so that business users can customize the application.

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