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What’s new with Watson Content Hub in Q1 2018

Last year I posted every month about new features we shipped in Watson Content Hub. This year we are going to keep up the pace, but I am going to try a new approach for these posts. Instead of posting every month, I’ll post a quarterly summary with highlights on key features.

In the first quarter of 2018 we shipped a lot of valuable new features. Here’s a list, and below that I’ve added vignettes on two key features. Shipped between January and March 2018:

  • Secure content/pages – see below for more information
  • Mandatory approvals – see below for more information
  • HTML Snippet
  • Inline edit for links & images
  • Exclude page from nav
  • Mini-editor sync
  • Backup enablement
  • Updated Oslo template to Angular 5.2
  • Dev assets view
  • Download latest template from UI
  • Schedule publish & create publishing job
  • Publishing at a glance widget
  • B2C Storefront template
  • Wchtools enhancements

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I value your comments and feedback – you can reach me by email, Twitter @circularlizard, or on LinkedIn.


Authenticated pages and content

With this feature, users can specify that pages and content can be subject to authentication. This can be done against the new “authenticated visitor” role in WCH, or against a customer-owned directory via OpenID Connect. Authors can specify on pages and content items that these require the end user to authenticate prior to accessing the site. The secured items are removed from the unauthenticated search indexes and are completely unavailable to unauthenticated users. The animation below shows setting this on a page. Authentication for assets will be added in due course.

Animated GIF of authenticated pages set-up
Click to view animation



Mandatory approvals

The review process that we added in 2017 was appreciated for its simplicity but many customers want to enforce an approval prior to publication. Now with WCH, administrators can specify that content items and / or assets can require approval prior to publication. When setting up a review, the author can select from users with manager role to approve the content prior to publication. Note that publication cannot be scheduled until approval is granted. The animation below shows setting up a review on a page, where referenced content items are included in the scope of the review.

Animated GIF of setting up page review.
Click to view animation






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