WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager V9 practitioners have a new option to quickly gain experience using Digital Experience V9 in Docker containers. Using the new Digital Experience V9 CF15 Docker image, now available on IBM Docker Hub, Digital Experience developers and administrators can access a pre-installed image for deployment to the Docker engine. Note this new image is available on a Trial Use basis, supporting single server implementations, and may be used for 60 days under non-production use. See the license details available with the posting. Access the Digital Experience (WebSphere Portal Express V9 CF15 Trial Use image) on Docker Hub, IBM section, here: https://hub.docker.com/r/ibmcom/websphere-portal/

In addition, Digital Experience V9 customers may also use the IBM supplied Docker build scripts to automate creation of Docker images, for use in single server deployments, using their existing Digital Experience offering entitlements. Access the Docker build scripts and instructions available on IBM Github here: https://github.com/digexp/ci.docker.websphere-portal

We look forward to your experiences with these options, and continued feedback in the entry discussions.

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