Privacy notice for API logins to Watson Content Hub

GDPR comes into force on 25th May and the Watson Content Hub team has been getting ready for it. As part of this, we have created a new privacy notice for all users. When users log in to the product, they will see a notice that tells them how IBM will use their login data to provide Watson Content Hub.

Some users log in through our APIs and those users must also accept the same terms and conditions. In a few days we will require that users who log in via the APIs also accept the same privacy notice, and block logins from those user who have not done so. There are two options for users to accept the notice:

  1. For real users, log into Watson Content Hub user interface at and accept the notice there.
  2. For technical logins used by system-to-system communication, append the query parameter “accept-privacy-notice=true” to your login call, as shown in this example:
    •<your tenant ID>/login/v1/basicauth?accept-privacy-notice=true

Note that the second option does not display the privacy notice prior to acceptance, so it is only appropriate for system users.

Please take action to review the privacy policy and, if you agree, accept it. As mentioned, when we activate the feature around 17th May, users who have not accepted the privacy notice will not be able to log in via the API either directly or via wchtools. If this happens, you will receive an explanatory error message and you can proceed by accept the message, as described above.


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