Cross-product navigation coming soon for Watson Content Hub

I’m very pleased to announce an important step in ongoing integration of Watson Content Hub with the other products in our Watson Customer Engagement family. We’re switching over to a new user interface that gives you more control over your experience. It also makes it much easier to navigate between our products.

What changes for you

Enjoy tailor-made navigation that helps you focus on the feature you use most. You’ll be able to add features to your favourites for quick access, and hide features you never use to de-clutter your day. It’s also easy to navigate to other products you use, with shared navigation between Watson Customer Engagement products.
The move also adds a powerful new AI help experience, powered by Watson. Our built-in intelligent assistant will help you to find documentation, tips and tricks even more effectively than you can today. Based on natural language understanding, you’ll be able to ask for help in your own words and Watson will recommend information to you.

New URL to access Watson Content Hub

Beginning soon, you’ll use a new URL to access Watson Content Hub. Your user name and password won’t change. If you have any bookmarked pages, they’ll still work and you’ll be automatically redirected.
Learn more in this short video:

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