Watson Content Hub can be extended with Authoring UI Extensions

Many of our customers have asked us for the ability to add their own functionality to Watson Content Hub. It’s a difficult thing to do safely in a SaaS solution, but we’ve found a way. Now we have a beta of a new capability: Authoring UI Extensions. With this capability, customers can add custom editors to our authoring UI, and this opens up a whole new set of use cases for Watson Content Hub.
Authoring UI Extensions enable you to over-ride the editor that we supply with custom code. You can use this very simply, to provide custom data validation or a custom edit field. Equally, you can use this to implement more complex logic, such as integrating data from back-end system. For example, if you want to use a map to populate a location element, or a colour swatch to choose a colour, you can implement this with an Authoring UI Extension.
Technically, the UI extension is a piece of client-side code that you provide. Using our SDK, this code can interact with the main authoring form to get and set the content. When you create the content type, you set the custom editor along with the element’s custom display properties. When we render the authoring UI, we inject your code and the custom authoring UI extension.

What can I do with Authoring UI Extensions

There are many examples of what you can build with authoring UI extensions. Here are some ideas:

  • Get product SKUs from your commerce system
  • Get customer data from your CRM
  • Set a location using a map e.g. Google Maps or OpenStreetMap
  • Choose a colour using a custom colour swatch
  • Enable custom field validation logic
  • Use a custom rich text editor
  • Use a custom code editor
  • And many more…

Here is an example of an authoring UI extension showing a location element being populated using a google map to choose the coordinates:

Example Authoring UI Extension
Example Authoring UI Extension

When will Authoring UI Extensions be available

This feature is available in private beta now. If you need this enabled in your account, contact me by email and let’s discuss your use case. We intend to make the feature fully available in late June or early July.

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