IBM recently learned of a change in the way that Apple reports uninstalled applications back to the sender of push notifications. The new behavior started around March 31st, 2019 and according to Apple is a result of their modifications to the service. The change seems to be rolling out in stages across Apple’s servers, and does not affect all customers at this time, but we expect all customers will see it soon.

Feedback is no longer immediate. In some cases, it may now take a long time after a simple push to become aware that your app is no longer installed on a customer’s device.

This issue is intermittent: sometimes feedback is received soon after a push, and sometimes it takes over a week. Apple has stated that this is an intentional change for privacy reasons.

What does this mean for me?

It is no longer possible to associate uninstalls with an individual push. Instead, if a push triggers uninstalls, you may see uninstalls for a period of time after that. (That period of time has been left unspecified by Apple.) Because feedback is delayed, if you set up an app with incorrect Apple credentials, determining what is wrong may take additional time.

What action should I take?

No action is required (or possible). This issue affects all APNs users, not just users of WCA. Apple says the uninstall events will show up, so counts will be accurate – just not right away.

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