Offering Manager, Watson Commerce,

I'm a product manager for IBM Digital Experience offerings, specifically focussing on our new SaaS offerings such as Watson Content Hub. I’ve 15 years experience delivering digital experience and social solutions for customers around the world. Now I’m helping to shape the future for IBM Digital Experience, working on new products and offerings to bring our capabilities to the cloud and a new set of markets and customers.

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Watson Content Hub: Recap of 2017

Watson Content Hub – 2017 recap The past 12 months have been incredibly busy for the Watson Content Hub team. We’ve gone well beyond the...

Watson Content Hub: What’s new in November/December 2017

What’s new in November and December 2017 With all the year-end activities, I didn’t quite manage to make a post about what we have shipped...

Watson Content Hub: What’s new in August/September 2017

The big news in this post is that on September 14th we launched the Watson Content Hub Standard Edition product. We announced this a...

Watson Content Hub: What’s new in July 2017

What’s new in July 2017 July has been a busy month for Watson Content Hub too! On July 11th we announced our new Watson Content...

Announcing site management with Watson Content Hub

IBM has announced new site management capabilities with Watson Content Hub. We have extended the headless CMS with optional features to allow marketers to directly...

Watson Content Hub: What’s new in May/June 2017

What’s new in May and June 2017 Lots of new things for Watson Content Hub in May and June! We’ve had a really busy couple...

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