Performance Alert message (Type 17) message

Performance Alert messages let you monitor slow-performing client-side static content, such as CSS, JS, and images. They are Type 17 messages.

Property name Description
resourceType Types of resources. Possible values are “script”, “link”, “img”, “xmlhttprequest”, “iframe”.
name The resource’s loading URL.
duration Time used for the entire request/response cycle. Measured in milliseconds.
transferSize Size of resource. Measured in octets (or bytes (9-bits)). This value might be missing in some browsers.


{   type: 17,
    offset: 7570,
    screenviewOffset: 1,
    count: 11,
    fromWeb: true,
    performanceAlert: [{
	resourceType: "img",
	name: "http://someUrl/res/100.jpg",
	duration: 982.9999995417893,
	transferSize: 5833734
    }, {
    	resourceType: "script",
	name: "http://someUrl/js/someJs.min.js",
	duration: 4022.5000004284084,
	transferSize: 941911

note: "transferSize" may be missing in certain browser

Note:The “transferSize” in the message is only available in Chrome 54+,Firefox 45+, and Opera 41+.

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