If you are working with a sales or supply shipment, note that adding multiple sales or supply orders to the shipment at once is not currently supported by the IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights APIs. To add multiple orders to a shipment, you must upload your orders individually, each of them using the unique shipment ID to point to the correct shipment.

For example:

POST /api/salesshipments
with the body {"_id" : "shipment_0"}

POST /api/salesorders
with the body {"_id" : "order_0", "shipment" : "shipment_0"}

POST /api/salesorders
with the body {"_id" : "order_1", "shipment" : "shipment_0"}}

This will result in a sales shipment
{"_id" : "shipment_0", "salesOrders" : ["order_0", "order_1"]}
and the sales orders
{"_id" : "order_0", "shipment" : "shipment_0", "shipments" : ["shipment_0"]}
{"_id" : "order_1", "shipment" : "shipment_0", "shipments" : ["shipment_0"]}

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