You can access development-related documentation such as API Javadocs, ERDs, XSDs, and property descriptions as online resource.
The following development-related documentation can be accessed from local developer toolkit environment:

  • API Javadocs – <runtime_sandbox>/xapidocs/api_javadocs/index.html
  • Core Javadocs – <runtime_sandbox>/xapidocs/core_javadocs/index.html
  • Property Documentation – <runtime_sandbox>/xapidocs/propertydocs/index.html
  • ERDs – <runtime_sandbox>/xapidocs/ERD/HTML/index.html
  • Ext JS (JavaScript) API Documentation – <runtime_sandbox>/xapidocs/jsdocs/30/index.html

Here, <runtime_sandbox> refers to the directory where you have set up the IBM Order Management developer toolkit environment on your local machine.

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