The Presentation Framework enables you to change the way information is rendered (or displayed) in the Application Console, without changing the way it functions. Customizing the user interface requires writing scripts that determine how the user interface renders the screen and passes data.

This section describes how to customize the console user interface to suit your business needs. Each task is accomplished through a combination of configuration through the user interface and editing HTML code in the JSP files of the screens you want to modify.

RESTRICTION: The HSDE (Execution Console Framework) screens are not extensible.

IMPORTANT: When customizing the interface, copy the standard resources of your application and then modify your copy. Do not modify the standard resources for your application.

The following applications are shipped with IBM® Order Management:

  • The standard UI for creating, tracking, and viewing orders, item inventory, and returns.
  • The UI for configuring pipelines, services, locales, menus, and so forth.
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