You can review the details about callLookup.


This JavaScript function displays a lookup screen that enables the user to search for and select a record to use in the current screen. For example, an organization lookup on the order entry screen enables the user to select a buyer organization. Typically, you should attach this function to the onclick event of an image within your JSP page.



Input parameters

entityname – Optional. Entity to search for in the lookup screen. If not passed, defaults to the name of the current entity.

obj – Required. Handle to the image being selected.

extraParams – Optional. Passes extra parameters to the lookup screen. The format of the parameter is name/value pairs in URL format. If passed, the parameters are passed to the lookup screen.

Output parameters



This example shows how to show an organization lookup that defaults the display of the seller role in the buyer Role field on the lookup:

<img class="lookupicon" 
'xml:/Organization/OrgRoleList/OrgRole/@RoleKey=BUYER')" name="search"
<%=getImageOptions(YFSUIBackendConsts.LOOKUP_ICON, "Search_for_Buyer") %> />

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