There are several from list and detail views in the JSP console. Some of which include, call a script, call and API, and call and API in rollback-only mode.

From the list views and the detail views, the following actions are possible:

  • Go to another view—opens a view in a modal dialog
  • Call a script—calls the specified JavaScript
  • Call an API—calls the specified API
  • Call an API in rollback-only mode—calls the specified API in a rollback-only mode. This action can be used in a “what if” kind of scenario. For example, a customer service representative can check the total price of an order by adding a line without committing the transaction in the database. This option can be enabled in the Resource Hierarchy tree.

You can use each action by itself but they are more useful when combined. For example, you can configure a JavaScript and an API for an action. In this scenario, the specified API is invoked only when the specified JavaScript returns true.

In another example, you can configure an API and a view for an action. In this scenario, the API is invoked and, regardless of its success, the configured view is invoked. This view opens within the same browser window.

Note: You can resize the pop-up browser window using the JavaScript call window.dialogWidth, window.dialogHeight and specifying the width and height as required.

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