The results of a search are displayed in a list view. There are two types of list views: regular list views and advanced list views.

Regular list view

The following figure shows a standard list view.

A regular list view consists of a heading area (that permits view switching) and an Action Bar that contains the Actions and the list body. By default, the list body is set to display up to 30 records on the screen. If users want to see more results displayed on the screen, they can choose to display up to a maximum of 200 records. If you want to give all users the ability to display more than 200 records, you can set a new maximum number by editing the <runtime_sandbox>/properties/ file.

A list view is made of one or more of the following elements:

  • JSP pages – render the body. It is the only part of the view that does not belong to the Presentation Framework.
  • Additional APIs – are called for that list view.
  • Actions.

Within an entity, all subordinate list views use the same list API defined at the entity level. In addition to a list API at the entity level, you can define additional APIs for each list view. It is possible to configure a list view that does not call the default list API. In such a case, the template configured for the list view is not used (since the list API itself is not called).

Advanced list view

If additional information needs to be listed, you can create an advanced list view. To a user, an advanced list view looks similar to a regular list view. However, the advanced list view is actually defined as a detail view resource. This enables an advanced list view to have all of the same features as a standard detail view.

The following figure shows an advanced list view. To a user, an advanced list view looks and feels like a regular list view, but an advanced list view is actually a detail view, composed of multiple inner panels, a save or update feature, and an ability to provide custom hyperlinks, but without the “Showing 1 of N” component.

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