When a user successfully signs in, the standard application Home Page is opened. The look and feel of the Home Page is determined by the theme associated with the user’s ID. The theme determines the fonts and colors to use in rendering graphical user interface elements such as screens, labels, and table headers.

The application supplies the following standard themes:

  • Sapphire (default)
  • Earth
  • Jade

A theme is defined centrally through CSS and XML files, depending on which application uses it. This means you should not hard-code colors and fonts of the user interface controls to individual screens. Instead, use the directions provided in this guide. Each theme is used throughout the and . Ideally when defining themes, you should create the same theme for both applications in order to ensure a consistent user experience.

Do not modify any of the standard themes. Create your own CSS and XML files. In order to determine the classes used to define controls for each style, see “Controls and Classes.”

If you need themes that are customized for different locales, you must create a new file for each of the locale codes. This is because, for each theme, users can switch locales.

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