The application allows you to define the UI style (logo, fonts, colors, and so forth) for a specific organization or user. You can also show different images based on different themes.

About this task

To define user-specific or organization-specific UI styles, add the theme-specific image jar in the <runtime_sandbox>/repository/eardata/application/war. This theme specific image jar can also be localized. For example, theme_name_locale.jar.

When fetching images from the server, the application first looks for images in the theme-specific image jar. If the theme-specific jar is not present, or if the jar does not have a particular image, the framework searches for the particular image in the locale-specific jars in the following order:

Note: The theme-specific image jar overrides the other image jars except the <runtime_sandbox>/repository/eardata/application/extn/yantraiconsbe.jar.


  1. <runtime_sandbox>/repository/eardata/application/extn/yantraiconsbe.jar
  2. <runtime_sandbox>/repository/eardata/config/war/yfscommon/yantraiconsbe.jar
  3. <runtime_sandbox>/repository/eardata/application/module_name/module-specific_icons_jar


Note: To display your theme-specific image in place of an existing image, make sure that the new theme-specific image you add to the theme-specific image jar has the same name and path as the existing one.

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