You can add columns to a standard table by following a set of guidelines.

When extending the columns of standard tables, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • You can only add columns to tables as specified in the ERDs.
  • You cannot remove or modify any columns.
  • You can add columns either before or after installing the application.
  • For all columns added to an application database table, you must provide a default value that is relevant to the database framework.
  • You cannot use nullable columns for the following fields:
    • Primary Key Attributes
    • Entity Relationships

    Hence, in the entity XML, Nullable="true" is allowed for all columns except the ones noted above.

    • You cannot add columns with a data type of Long.
    • When using application components (such as events and user exits) that read in a map or publish a map (such as the GetOrderNoUE user exit), extended fields in the maps are prefixed with Extn_.
    • When using non-ASCII characters, ensure that the Name and XMLName attributes are passed where appropriate.

    Note: In DB2 database, the Data data type is generated as TIMESTAMP.

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