You can use the Add-to-Calendar action plug-in to enhance your mobile app messages on Windows apps.

  1. Add the AddToCalendar.cs file to your shared library project from the plugins/calendar folder.
  2. Add the initialization code to the RegisterActions method of the Actions.cs file:
    IBMMobilePush.Actions.ActionRegistry.Instance.RegisterActionHandler(new AddToCalendarAction(), "calendar"); 
  3. What to do next

    You can push the following action payload to the device:

    {"type":"calendar", "startDate": "ISO8601 date string", "endDate":
     "ISO8601 date string", "title": "title string", "description": "description string

    The interactive and timezone parameters are not accepted by the plug-in. However, the time zone can be specified in the startDate and endDate parameters.

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